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The Portfolio

Xandy Productions has a number of feature film scripts and television drama treatments ready for development.

For copyright reasons these can no be published online but are available upon request.

But here is a small selection teaser….



Rott Deshi COVER 6

Although The Protagonist is a stand alone short film it also serves as an unlikely pilot for Rotten Deshi

A young man travels to Japan following the path of the samurai but falls into the dark world of the Yakuza Japan’s mafia.




Anti bullying youth awareness film.




Tv series exploring the underbelly of London’s army of service staff and it’s immigrant community.




An adaptation of Steven Berkoff’s play ‘West’ .



Jimmy Poster5a

A young man follows his fantasy but finds true love…



Sassy Stunts

The life of a Hollywood nobody.



Daddy Day Care Flyer - Final large

What happen when roles are reversed and the mother goes out to work and the father becomes the primary carer.


and more….



Film Drama:

‘The Protagonist’ – FULL MOVIE


‘The Protagonist’ official movie trailer – short film – Beg, Steal & Borrow ltd


‘Breathe’  Alternate  Reality Game / short film – Articipate Media


‘SplitEnds’ movie trailer – Xandy Productions



Xandy Sahla – 2nd Unit Director:


2nd Unit Stunt Action Director – Sky1 ‘Sinbad’ ep.5


2nd Unit Director – BBC Silent Witness ‘Safe’



Xandy Productions  – Arts, Music & Dance:


USONiC Jazz ‘Shine’ – Live session at Steve Winwood Studios


Miles Bould USONiC Jazz interview by Xandy Sahla


Dance Film – ‘Lydia In Motion’


Promotional video – Steven Berkoff’s play ‘On The Waterfront’














Xandy’s biog


Xandy has an incredible knowledge of the craft of filmmaking and boundless passion for all things film.

He studied directing at Bournemouth Film School and prior to that fine art & photography at Southwalk College of Art & Design. Xandy has had an outstanding career in the Britsh film and television industry as a camera operator. He has worked on many highly acclaimed feature films such as ‘Pride’, ‘Belle’ & ‘Skyfall’ and outstanding TV dramas such as ‘Mr Selfridges’, ‘Downton Abbey’ & ‘Sinbad’.

Click here to link to Xandy’s camera operator’s website:

This extensive experience has gained him a huge amount of respect from producers, actors and crews. Over the years he has written, produced and directed several short drama films. He also has written a number of full length feature film scripts and television drama treatments. This portfolio of future projects for development are available upon request. 

In theatre he has worked for many years with celebrated actor, play write and theatre director Steven Berkoff. Working closely with Steven Xandy has kept a visual record of Steven’s work from it’s earliest moments of conception and workshops, through to producing broadcast quality multi-camera productions of his hit productions.

Within the local community Xandy Productions works with youth dance group Dexterity creating dance films.


Xandy Sahla Director’s resume

Also as: writer / producer


2nd Unit Director:


SINBAD   Sky One

2nd Unit Director / Action Director

Series 1- CGI fantasy adventure



2nd Unit Director

Series 12 – episode ‘Safe’


Short Films:


THE PROTAGONIST    Beg Steel Borrow & Xandy Productions

Writer, director, producer

16:9 – 2.35:1 colour – Arri Alexa Raw HD – 15mins

Starring: Elliot Cowan, Andrew Lee Potts, Amy Beth Hayes, Haruka Abe, Tanroh Ishida


BREATHE    Expanding Universe


Episodes: 2 & 3, 16mins & 12mins,

Internet drama / Alternate Reality Game / interactive experience

Starring; Benedict Taylor, Emma Griffiths Malin, Liz Kettle, Charlie Covell, Andrew Roberston, Phoebe Vigor & Phil Clarke. Screened on-line as part of the BFI London Film Festival ‘Power to the Pixel’ cross media platform


THE CHOCOLATE MAN    Xandy Productions

Director, Producer

Short drama improvisation, 10mins

Starring: Neve McIntosh, Naoko Mori and Mary Stockley


SPLIT ENDS    Xandy Productions

Director, Producer, Writer

Short drama, 45mins

Starring: Pam Ferris, Sandra Voe, Tristan Sturrock, Daniele Lydon & Sarah Walton.


LAPIN    Bournemouth Film School

Director, Producer

Short drama, 10mins, graduation film

Screened: Edinburgh’95, Cannes’96, Channel 4 & Rapture TV


Theatre Plays ~ multi-camera productions:  


BIBLICAL TALES     Xandy Productions

Director, Producer

105mins, 2010

Steven Berkoff play performed at The New End Theater, Hampstead


ON THE WATER FRONT     Xandy Productions

Director, Producer

115mins, 2008

Steven Berkoff play performed at The Nottingham Playhouse Theater


SIT IN SHIVER       Xandy Productions

Director, Producer


Steven Berkoff play performed at The Hackney Empire Theater


Arts, Music, Dance:


LYDIA IN MOTION    Xandy Productions

Director, Producer

Lydia Costello performs a dance improvisation in an empty warehouse.

DOP: Masaharu Inui – black & white, 3.30 mins short


DEXTERITY DANCE    Xandy Productions

Director, Producer

Youth dance / media development & production training





The Protagonist – short film 2014

Full short movie now available to view on ‘films’ page




A Beg, Steal & Borrow Production

with thanks to

Xandy Productions




Elliot Cowan – ’Da Vinci’s Demons’


as Alexander Croxford – The Writer


Andrew Lee Potts –  ’Primeval’


as Neville / James / Sam – The Protagonist


Amy Beth Hayes – ‘Mr Selfridges’


as Amanda Robson – The Superintendent


Tanroh Ishida – ‘The Railway Man’


as Toshi – The Kendo Sensei


Haruka Abe – ’47 Ronin’


as Riyoko – The Hostess


Behind camera:


Makeup Designer

 Jacqueline Fowler


Costume designer

Kitty Bennett


Director of Photography

Luca Ciuti



Pinky Robinson



Miles Bould & Mike Westergaard


Production Designer

Belle Mundi


Sound Recordist

Mark Andrews


Executive Producer                          

Dev Dadral


Associate Producer                          

Romanna Dadral


Producer, Writer & Director

Xandy Sahla




Psychological thriller.


16:9 colour – Arri Alexa Raw HD – 15mins


We all know questionable characters.


A failed writer strung out on drink and drugs fantasises about the perfect hara-kiri style suicide. Whilst burning his scripts in the garden he is interrupted by a mysterious, shady visitor with dubious intent.


Writer’s / Director’s notes:

This film is a deeply personal exploration as the character of Alex the writer could be said to be the ‘me’ of now and Neville the protagonist the ‘me’ of my early twenties. I believe this subtle layer to the script gives this short film added depth.

By securing an exceptional cast, crew and professional feature film equipment we have been able to make The Protagonist an outstanding film of the highest quality possible. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who gave so generously of their time, talent and passion into the production of this film.

A special thanks has to go to the outstanding cast especially our two lead actors Elliot Cowan and Andrew Lee Potts who both bared their souls for our lens. Everyone around the monitor during filming was completely and utterly blown away by these remarkably intense performances.