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A single video call changes human evolution forever

In pre-production - Since March 2022

Shooting - July 2022


Writer / Director’s Notes:


Throughout my career I’ve been extremely fortunate to work on some of the biggest block-buster movies and high-end TV drama’s, with huge budgets and ALL the toys to play with.


However for me as a film-maker FAITH is about stripping all that way and going back to basics. As this story is based around a video call between two women, it is essential that the look and style of this film feels like an authentically captured real-time video-call, than a glossy movie with fancy camera work.


In fact the original intention was that it was going too be self-shot and only be captured via Zoom-Webinar (or similar software), with no additional photography, crew or equipment. Everything was going to be done remotely from the cast and director’s own homes. With the cast providing their own costumes and set, as well as doing their own make up. One could say this was in some way similar to the principles of the Danish Dogme’95 Film Manifesto.


However we have since decided that in order to ensure broadcast quality and not to be at the mercy of internet drop and buffering, we would bring the cast to us and shoot using professional cameras.

Nonetheless to keep to the original creative integrity of this project we are going to endeavor to retain the following core principles:


1. The cast will perform simultaneously in separate rooms and play live off monitors as-if laptop screens.


2. Camera angles will be the POV’s from the devices in the story ie; mobile phone, laptop & webcam. There will be no conventional camera set-ups and objective views.


3. The two cast will NOT rehearse together, or even know who their counter part is until they receive the very first video call, in the 1st take of  Scene.1


4. During filming the cast will NEVER physically meet, not even during lunch and toilet breaks.


5. The first time the cast will be physically revealed to each other will be in take.1 of the “Tantric Contemporary Dance / Physical Theatre Movement” scene. (FYI: this is the first of two times in the film where we will use objective conventional camera angles and moves.


The essential importance of points 3-5 is that we capture the casts very first authentic natural reactions to each other on film.


It is also very important to me as a man writing two female parts, that the dialogue has an authentic female voice. To ensure this, any subtle nuances missing can be workshopped during the rehearsal period with our all female cast.


On a sub note, my last short-film “The Protagonist” was a two hander between two men, exploring anger and violence. Whereas FAITH is a two handed between two women and exploring the divine feminine and love. And though these films are completely separate for me as a film maker it is continuing theme being explored.


Once the film is completed it must be something which everybody feels very proud of having been involved in, not only from a creative point of view but also in the telling of its premise and message. Also if we get this right each member of the cast and crew should be able (if necessary) to use it to further enhance their portfolio and careers.


Finally my intent is that we make a note worthy film for festivals. Which then hopefully gets picked up by a streaming channel such as Netflix & Prime and the YouTube channel DUST. Of course should this generate any financial returns ALL involved will be reimbursed for their time, energy and talent.

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